With skills in user experience design, software engineering, filmmaking and entrepreneurship, Gaurav is able to craft experiences and products that leverage the best technology, tell compelling stories with sound and image while delivering elegant, useful and impactful solutions that address real human needs.

Working with technology and media to build community and create positive social change is a core theme in Gaurav's work. He has crafted mobile applications, enterprise web applications and films with collaborators ranging from independent artists to VC-funded startups to world-renowned universities (i.e. University of Michigan, Harvard University) to leading technology companies (i.e. Microsoft).



Gaurav is the founder of Decolonize Daily, a mobile application that enables you to take action every day in alignment with established social movements to create a more just and peaceful society together.


Gaurav makes films and digital experiences online with musicians.

Gaurav has been designing and building technology for social good for 10 years.